350FE / 400FE {DISCUS} Crepe Machine

  • Enamel coated cast iron plate for maximum consistency
  • Thermostatically controlled up to 570F degrees for best results
  • Plate size: 13- 3/4″ diameter for 350FE; 15- 3/4″ diameter for 400FE
  • Compact space saver in 120V
  • With batter spreader

120V for 350FE; 208/240V for 400FE

Mobile Cart
Topping Dispensers
Chilled Batter Holder
CK-3 Crepe Kit

Crepe Making Tips:

Tip #1: Use a 3 to 4 ounce ladle to dispense the batter onto the crepe surface, depending on the consistency of the batter and the desired crepe size (13-3/4” or 15-3/4”)

Tip #2: Set temperature of crepe machine at 425°F to 450°F degrees or setting 5 to 6 – adjust to suit batter consistency and doneness.

Tip #3: The batter should stay on the surface when you pour it on. If it is sliding off, that means that a) the surface is too hot and/or b) there is too much lubricant on the surface or in the batter.

Tip #4: On the other hand, if after one or two crepes, the batter still sticks to the surface, that would mean that a) the temperature is not high enough and/or b) there is not enough lubricant.

Spec Sheet & Manual

Crepe Machines Spec Sheet

Discus Manual



  1. Do the plates have a coating?
    Yes, they are cast iron plates with a protective ceramic finish to reduce sticking. Less oil lubricant is needed, reducing any smoke. Metal tools can be used.
  2. How do I clean the cooking surface?
    Allow the crepe machine to cool before cleaning. Using a green scrubby or a flat scraper to clean the food residue and carbon from the cooking surface. Use a cloth dampened slightly with a soap and water mixture to clean the stainless-steel housing. Clean the unit thoroughly at the end of each day. Failure to do so may cause difficulty to remove build up. In order to remove carbon build up from the plate, use industry standard food service grade degreasers or grease removers.
  3. What temperature should crepes be cooked at?
    On our 350FE and 400FE set the dial between 5 and 6. For our 350E, 400E and 400ED, set the thermostat between 400℉ - 450℉.
  4. Does the unit need to be under a hood?
    Generally, no but we do recommend checking with your local inspector.