400VC {TRANSVERSA} Crepe Machine

  • Ideal for heating crepes and tortillas
  • Vitroceramic work surface for ease of cleaning
  • Thermostatically controlled up to 570F degrees for best results
  • Plate size: 15- 3/4″
  • Infrared heating elements


Mobile Cart
Topping Dispensers
Chilled Batter Holder
CK-3 Crepe Kit

Spec Sheet

Crepe Machines Spec Sheet



  1. Can crepes be made on this unit?
    No. This unit is ideal for reheating already baked crepes, tortilla and quesadillas.
  2. How do I clean the surface?
    The Vitroceramic cooking surfaces should be wiped with a damp sponge or plastic scrubby and a solution of soap and water at the end of the day. The cooking surface should NEVER be submerged in water. A grill razor scraper can be used occasionally to remove any further buildup of food residue on the grill surface.