• Multi-layer single zone griddle surface
  • Capacitive touch control panels
  • 12 temperature levels (122°F – 475°F)
  • 3 present settings
  • Fast preheat times: 2 minutes to 400°F
  • Lower operating temperature due to energy efficiency of heat concentration
  • Easy to clean with water or ice cubes
  • With drain and grease container
  • Size: 15-1/2” x 20-3/4” x 7-7/8

208/240V/1 – 3.0 Kw – 12/14A – 6-20P plug
208/240V/1 – 3.6 Kw – 15/17A – L6-30P plug



  1. How many temperature levels are there?
    The units have 12 temperature levels that range from 122℉ to 475℉.
  2. How long does the unit take to preheat?
    While most traditional electric or gas griddles and planchas need to be turned on before service and take from 30-45 minutes to heat up, the induction plancha reaches 400°F in 2min. The Adventys induction plancha is turned on only when you need it, saving energy - GREEN technology and ecologically friendly.
  3. What is the benefit of an induction griddle over a standard griddle?
    Traditional griddle thermostats generally have a temperature accuracy of +/- 25-50 degrees. As a result, the temperature varies greatly on the griddle surface, often overcooking foods. Our induction griddle is accurate +/- 1 degree. Cooking can be performed quickly at lower temperatures, preserving the natural flavors and increasing culinary intensity - from fish & sea food to any sort of meat and vegetables. Even some desserts customarily done in a fry pan can be finished on the induction griddle.