C06 {Egg Cooker}

  • Ideal for breakfast buffets
  • Eggs are boiled to perfection
  • 6 eggs capacity
  • Furnished with removable cover and (6) baskets
  • Thermostat, on/off switch, pilot light


Egg cooker for boiling eggs. Ideal for breakfast buffets in hotels and restaurants. The egg cooker works like a bain marie, with a thermostat to control the temperature.



  1. What is the highest temperature the egg cooker will reach?
    The egg cooker will attain a temperature of 212℉.
  2. How do you clean the egg cooker?
    Allow the egg cooker to cool before cleaning. Use a cloth dampened slightly with soap and water to clean the stainless-steel housing and container. Wash the egg baskets by soaking in a solution of warm water and soap and brushing with a nylon scrub brush. Clean the egg cooker thoroughly at the end of each day. Failure to do so may cause hard to remove build up. Make sure no water enters the unit through the ventilation holes around the unit.
  3. What is the cooking capacity of the egg cooker?
    The unit comes with 6 egg baskets, and additional baskets are available for capacity up to 10 eggs.