CS0E {TOPDOG} Hot Dog Machine

  • European style hog dog machine
  • Thermostatically controlled heating element
  • Pyrex glass container holds up to 20-40 hot dogs
  • Stainless steel water pan to create steam


Euro style hot dog machine. Glass steamer holds up to 40 hot dogs. Stainless steel construction with thermostatically controlled heating element.



  1. What type of rolls can you use?
    You can use torpedo rolls or a baguette style bread.
  2. How many hot dogs can it steam?
    The Pyrex glass steamer holds about 40 hot dogs of 1” in diameter.
  3. How long does it take to toast the bread?
    It takes 20-25 seconds to heat up a typical roll from the inside to outside. The roll stays nice and moist on the outside, and does not get dried out or crusty.