CT3000 {ODYSSEY} Conveyor Oven

  • Reversible/remote control panel
  • Upper warming sheet
  • Adjustable entry/exit opening from 1- 1/4” to 3- 1/2” high x 12” wide
  • Half or full power setting
  • Ideal for toasting and heating all types of sandwiches


Counter top conveyor oven with small footprint. Quartz infra-red heat with adjustable speed conveyor, 12″ wide belt. Stainless steel construction with field reversible control panel.



  1. How long will it take to make a toasted sandwich?
    On average, it will take approximately 1.5 minutes, depending on the speed of the conveyor belt power setting, and type of sandwich.
  2. Can the entry and exit opening height be adjusted?
    Yes. You can change the entry/exit opening from 1 ¼” to 3 ½” high.
  3. Is the remote-control panel reversible in the field?
    Yes. Both side panels have mounting screws to install the remote-control panel on whichever side works best for you. It can even be mounted on a wall. As a result, you can change the direction of the conveyor without any field modifications.