FC-33 {TEMPEST} Convection Oven – (Quarter Size)

  • Rear mounted fan and heater assembly creates true convection cooking
  • Unique air flow design ensures quick and uniform baking
  • Thermostatically controlled up to 450F degrees
  • Two Quartz heating elements overhead for melting and browning
  • All stainless steel construction in compact footprint
  • Capacity: up to four(4) bake trays – three(3) ¼ size sheet pans – three(3) wire racks
  • Equipped with 3 wire racks and 1 bake tray
  • Additional bake trays available

120V or 208/240V

The FC-33 convection/broiler oven is convenient for applications calling for finishing and baking, thus providing two capabilities in one unit. This is useful when counter space is limited. It is easy to operate in either mode: the change of mode is achieved with a simple switch.

Spec Sheet & Manual

Compact Convection Oven Spec Sheet

Tempest Manual

Oven Door Glass Cleaning - FC-33 & FC-34



  1. Why is a convection oven better than a regular oven?
    The fan is moving the heated air around the cavity of the unit for even baking. In addition, most food will cook in less time. The results – more food can be cooked in less time.
  2. What is the highest temperature the unit can go up to?
    Our compact countertop oven temperature reaches 450℉, while the half and full size ovens reach 570℉.
  3. Do your ovens need to be under a hood?
    Generally, no but we do recommend checking with your local inspector.
  4. When can I use 120v ovens instead of 208/240v?
    When 208/240v is not available, 120v is a practical option. 120v convection ovens are not recommended if the majority of the food products are frozen, as the recovery time will be lengthened. Generally, 120v ovens take a bit longer to preheat than 208/240V ovens. In most cases with room temperature or refrigerated foods, cook times are similar.