FM-3 {CHURCHILL} – Smoker

  • Stainless steel enclosure for cold smoking
  • Wood chip compartment with low wattage heating element
  • Work Surface: 38″ x 15″ x 3 1/2″H
  • Includes cover, timer and oak sawdust


Countertop cold smoker with wood compartment for low wattage heating element. Ideal for fish, meat, vegetables, poultry, and cheeses. Includes cover, timer and oak sawdust


  1. What foods can I introduce a smoked flavor into?
    You can smoke fish, poultry, meat or cheese by first preparing the food with your desired seasoning and spices. Then place the food onto the rack and close the cover. The scented sawdust is placed in the smoke chest, with the low wattage element activated. The amount of time the food remains in the smoker will determine the extent of the flavor.
  2. Does it come with sawdust?
    The unit comes with one bag of oak sawdust.