GES {SIERRA} – Waffle Baker

  • Fine grain cast iron single waffle baker
  • Heavy duty top plate assures even baking without clips, floating hinges or turning
  • Thermostatically controlled up to 570F degrees
  • Patented wraparound removable stainless steel drip tray
  • Plate patterns: Brussels, Liege, 7″ Round and Cone, Silo, Cypress

120V or 208/240V

Accessories: Mobile Cart, Chilled Batter Holder, Topping Dispensers

Heavy duty waffle bakers with cast iron grids. No clips, turning or floating hinges. Thermostatically controlled up to 570F degrees. Brussels, Belgian, Liege, Cone and waffles-on-a-stick patterns.

Spec Sheet & Manual

Waffle Spec Sheet

Sierra Manual

Waffle Baker Cleaning Procedure



  1. What plate patterns do you offer?
    We offer 6 different patterns. Brussels, Liege, Round Belgian, Cone, Cyprus and Silo.
  2. How do I clean the cooking surface?
    Allow the waffle baker to cool before cleaning. Using a stiff wire brush, scrape the food residue and carbon from the upper and lower grill plates. To clean the waffle baker, brush the debris into the removable drip tray. Use a cloth dampened slightly with a soap and water mixture to clean the stainless-steel housing, upper grill covers, spring protection cover and the drip tray. Clean the waffle baker thoroughly at the end of each day. Failure to do so may cause difficult to remove build up. In order to remove carbon build up from the waffle baker plates, use industry standard food service grade degreasers or grease removers. We do not recommend using soap and water to clean the waffle plates. However, if soap and water are used, the waffle baker will need to be re-seasoned.
  3. What temperature does the unit go up to?
    All our waffle baker machines reach 570℉, and the temperature is thermostatically controlled.
  4. Does the unit need to be under a hood?
    Generally, no, but we do recommend checking with your local inspector.
  5. Why do our machines not need to be flipped or locked?
    Our heavy duty top plate assures even baking without clips, floating hinges or turning.