SEF-80 {IMPERIAL} Finishing Oven/Salamander

  • Fixed top with movable intermediate shelf
  • Infra-red quartz heating elements – two zone
  • Full or 1/2 power ideal for finishing or broiling
  • Pull out bottom tray with wire rack for convenience
  • Free standing


Infrared salamander/finishing oven – high speed quartz elements – 32″ wide with pullout bottom and adjustable intermediate shelves – 4″ legs, or wall mounted.



  1. What are some of the uses?
    To finish appetizers, such as onion soup and clams casino. To heat up desserts, such as apple crisp and Crème Brule. To finish off a carefully prepared dinner and assure that all foods on the plate are piping hot. To broil, or finish meat, seafood, pasta or vegetables. To finish open faced sandwiches. To melt cheese on many specialty ethnic foods.
  2. Do the legs have to be installed?
    The 4” legs (included) or 1” adjustable feet (optional) MUST be installed for air circulation to the controls. 4” of clearance is needed on each side, back and top.
  3. Can the unit be installed over a range or steam table?
    Yes, as long as it is installed on a full depth insulated shelf.
  4. Is the unit able to be mounted to a wall?
    Yes, as long as it is not mounted over high heat or open flame. An optional wall mounting kit is required.
  5. What temperature does the unit go up to?
    The Quartz models (SEM-60/80Q & SEF-80Q) reach 635℉. The Vitroceramic models (SEM60/80VC) reach 1058℉.