TS-127 {Snack Oven}

  • Work Surface: 20″ x 13″
  • Top and bottom quartz heating elements controlled separately
  • 15-minute timer for controlled operation, with additional continuous mode


Commercial snack and café toaster for melting, warming and toasting. One or two shelf models feature top and bottom infra-red heat. Open style furnished with integral heat resistant rack handles.



  1. Do the units have a door?
    The BAR-100, 100/1, 200, 200/1, TS-127 and TS-327 do not have a door. As a result of high temperature quartz infrared heat, food products do not remain inside the toaster oven very long. The oven is used in a production fashion, moving different types of foods in and out consistently. The TS-127 and TS-327 are similar to the BAR-100/200 series, but are only available in 208/240V. The TS-327 has a removable baffle to hold heat inside the unit.
    The BAR-106 & 206 have door mounted racks. These models are recommended for heating similar products over and over, where visibility during heating is not required. For example, they are ideal for heating bread at a bread station.
  2. What are some of the uses?
    To toast bread, bagels, muffins or croissants. You can warm up quiche, melt cheese on nachos and heat up open face sandwiches.
  3. Do you have to use all the elements at all time?
    No. The infrared elements reach high intensity in 20-25 seconds. You can choose top, bottom or both sets of elements to be active. If you are not using the toaster oven, you can just turn it off.