WD780B-2/1-SS {SELF-SERVICE} Warming Display

  • Ventilated firestone heating system: 68-194°F
  • Precise control of temperature with electronic thermostat
  • Humidity control to keep products moist and delicious
  • LED lighting system
  • Hinged glass doors open to angle of 180° on server side
  • Hinged horizontal self service doors (2) on customer side
  • Fixed glass front and top
  • Black exterior finish
  • Optional: (2) sets of Slanted Shelf Brackets with front stop to support (2) shelves


Countertop warming display, dual service, humidity pan, two shelves -accommodates full size sheet pans



  1. What is the highest temperature the displays will reach
    On our countertop full size warming displays, the temperature goes up to 194℉.
  2. Can you put water in the unit for moisture?
    Our units are equipped with a water pan for humidity.
  3. What are some of the uses?
    Our warming displays are designed to offer quality holding of hot food, such as pastries, pizza, pretzels, sandwiches, casseroles, desserts and much more.
  4. What size pan will each shelf accommodate?
    Each shelf can hold a full-size sheet pan.